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Our Business is Growing Your Business With Strategic Internet Marketing Solutions.

C3 Marketing & Consulting is a Los Angeles based Internet Marketing agency that specializes in Custom Website design & management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing and client retention. Our philosophy is simple: more clicks lead to more calls which lead to more customers!

What has your marketing done for you lately?

Are you confident in your website? Not just how it looks, but more importantly; is it bringing your business new customers? Or maybe you have the same cookie cutter marketing approach as other businesses in your area? If so, how are you going to rise above the competition? At C3, we create a unique strategy for every business we work with. This allows us to find the right solutions to address the challenges you currently face.


We start by getting to know you, your business, it’s strengths and weaknesses. We also look at who your competition is and try to gather as much information about the market so we can identify the different avenues of opportunity.


We create a game plan using the tools best suited for your business model to maximize your exposure and make more connections. Growing your business takes time and effort so we want to set goals that make sense for you.


Taking our analysis and using your creative input, we’ll design a performance based website, while deploying our strategy to market your business with the greatest potential ROI.

Services that make sense

Search Engine Optimization

Having a slick looking website is great but if it doesn’t appear in online searches, what good does it do? Helping a business with their visibility online demands a multifaceted approach with constant upkeep and adjustments so it’s important to work with experienced team like us.

Adwords Management

If you offer any sort of specials or seasonal services OR you just want to give your business that extra boost, Google Ads and other Pay Per Click offerings might be the perfect solution. Click the icon to learn how we manage this for our customers.

Customer Retention

You’ve worked hard to get your customers but sometimes it’s hard to keep them. Email & SMS messaging can help you engage and reignite some the relations that have cooled off. Click the icon to learn more.

Reputation Management

What people are saying about your business is going to play a big part in your success..or failure. We give our customers the tools to boost their star-rating while doing everything to ensure that there isn’t anything false being written or reported about them online.

Social Media

Posting about your business takes time and effort and sometimes it can feel overwhelming for the busy business owner. we come up with a social media calendar, consult you on what to post and when to post it and/or even do the posting for you. It all depends on what you need and what’s currently feasible for your business!

Strategic Consulting

It’s good to have goals but if you aren’t constantly checking on your progress, it’s much harder to accomplish them. We want to come up with a game plan for you that will help your business connect with the type of customers you want to do business and grow at a scale that works for you.

Custom websites that speak for themselves

The virtual storefront to your brand

Whether your business is strictly e-commerce or you have a brick and mortar shop, we’ll design a mobile responsive website that creates a visual connection and captures the essence of your business. We work with you to design something that promotes your vision of your brand and that can instantly start to develop the trust between your business and your prospective customers. We also understand that businesses evolve, new services get offered, employees come and go and so we wan’t to constantly update the site to stay as current as possible. That’s why we offer a 24 hr turnaround on all edits requested by our customers.


Content That Connects


Capture with Authentic Content

Every effective website or online marketing campaign needs to have well structured and engaging content that not only speaks to your prospective customers but also the search engines. People use search engines to get information and so the more unique and pertinent information you have about your business and what it offers, the more visibility your business’ website will get on the search engines. Once people land on your site we want them to engage and so our content creation team will work to tell your story so that it resonates with your perspective customers while also catering to the latest industry standards the search engines have set.

Built to fit your industry.

We have extensive experience designing and executing marketing programs in diverse industries. We can help you get the edge with industry-specific strategies that make sense for your business.

Our customers say it best.

These guys are on it. We came up with a game-plan unique to my situation and they’ve have pushed me and my business to be better year after to year.

Charlotte SmithZenki Dojo

When I started working with C3 I had 2 Tech's and now I've had to hire 2 more! Can't recommend them enough...

Avo BragramyanAvo's Automotive Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been burnt in the past with my website but these guys made me feel so comfortable from the beginning. They listen to me and have my back and have really helped me connect to the right customers.

Vanessa HarvellVanessa Harvell, M.A.

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