Meet the Partners

Our Mission Statement: Our purpose is to help business owners achieve their goals and realize their dreams by collaborating with them to fully express who they are as a company, while at the same time, providing excellent customer service and support in an environment that emphasizes transparency, positivity and open mindedness.



C3 Marketing & Consulting was started in Los Angeles by 3 independent contractors/consultants who met while working on a project back in 2014. During the course of working together, we found that not only did we enjoy collaborating, but that we also shared a lot of the same philosophies about business and life in general.

We wanted to develop solutions that addressed the particular challenges that our customers were facing and to not push products on people that didn’t need them. We shared a passion to educate people about the web and all the ways that businesses can market themselves online and wanted to help businesses grow organically in a way that they were able to scale while still being able to offer the same great service. Basically, we wanted to start a company that put the customer’s needs first, not the business’.

And so we in early 2018 we started to lay the foundation of our partnership and brought in our colleagues and other like minded collaborators into the mix to form our own agency.